Check out the Epic Jimmy Fallon 2009 Emmys Fall

 - Sep 23, 2009
References: examiner
The Jimmy Fallon 2009 Emmys fall will go down in history. Okay fine, it will be laughed at consistently today and for the rest of the week, after which the hilarity will dwindle and be forgotten until the next celebrity wipeout is witnessed.

For those of you who didn’t catch the Emmy Awards, what I mean when I refer to the ‘The Jimmy Fallon 2009 Emmys fall’ is this: actor and comedian Jimmy Fallon tried to get the crowd moving with a funny, sing-song skit on the prevalance of auto-tuning (a crack at T-Pain and Kanye West perhaps?) by jumping, dancing, and singing… then falling right on his rear.

Granted, it was probably staged, but it still looked like it hurt—a lot. Check out this video and see for yourself!