Musinaut Customizable MXP4s

 - Sep 11, 2008
References: musinaut & psfk
Imagine being able to create your own music remix of songs you have in your playlist--adding harmony, supplementing the existing beat, adjusting the bass--and you have the primary concept behind Musinaut.

Musinaut aims to fully revolutionize the way music is listened to. With conventional music-playing methods, you buy or download a song, then listen to the final cut as the recording artist intended it to sound. With Musinat, however, artists record a song with additional ‘skins’ using the MXP4 format. At home, listeners can play the song with the different skins, creating a remix of their music.

Until December 31, the MXP4 Creator is free for artists to download. After that point, the price bumps up to $400.