- Jan 30, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
This article is a tribute to the best remixes Trend Hunter has to offer. Remixing something is always a risky business, but these 46 remixes take the chance regardless.

'Charlie Bit Me' was an Internet classic that is featured in amongst other remixes. Remixing a classic is an easy way to making something old and awesome relevant and new again. Won't you join me on this tour through remix town?

Implications - Why not begin with watching the ShamWow guy do his thing in the viral pitchmen remix. Then you can catch up on some infectious Daft Punk tunes in chiptune techno remixes. The blip sounds used in the creation of these intergalactic remixes are definitely music to my ears.

From Remixed Supercars to Remixed Literature: