Viral Meltdown Mashups, Office Lipdubs and YouTube Symphonies

 - May 7, 2009
References: trendhunter
Meltdown mashups, office lipdubs and YouTube symphonies. Today we hunt Epic Remix.

10. Matthew Dominick’s "Warp Whistle" inserts Mario into a metropolis — fire-spitting flowers and pipes included.

9. "Pulp Muppets" proves that the best way to spice up a movie trailer is to mix in furry friends. Kermit the frog never looked so dangerous.

8. This YouTube dance remix plays scenes of the fun-loving Chinese Army, marching to techno.

7. Who knew Walt Disney was a fan of electronic music? "Dwarfed Punk" proves it all. [listen to some audio]

6. Swearing isn’t innovative, but there’s something magical about remixing Obama’s curse words…

5. It’s tough to think of YouTube remix without bringing in a little 2008 election action.  Will ‘09 bring more viral gold, like Obama Girl’s duet with the prez?

4. With the magic of the Internet, anyone can be in a band. Kutiman’s ‘ThruYOU’ project is full of songs that were mixed together from multiple YouTube musicians.

3. The office lipdub has inspired HR directors worldwide to axe the cheesy team-building games and instead bond their teams with synchronized dance music.

2. Aretha Franklin’s bow-dacious hat proves that thanks to YouTube, no famous figure will ever live down an unfortunate fashion choice.

1. Christian Bale’s verbal diarrhea synced up perfectly with Bill O’Reilly’s in this lovely gem. 

Video of the Day - Pongo Alice in Wonderland