15 Michael Jackson "Thriller" Remakes

 - Aug 25, 2008
References: trendhunter
Thriller, thriller night...

If there is is any excuse to pull together the best Michael Jackson viral videos, then his 50th Birthday is it. They are ALL brilliant. You can view the original here as 21 million people have done, since you can't embed it.

1) Bollywood Thriller

I love everything about this; the video gets even better with a touch of Bollywood magic. 11 million people can't be wrong, and the first minute is just so amusing.

2) Lego Thriller

We loved the Lego pop videos, and this Thriller one has simply got to appear in this list.

3) Thriller Wedding Dance

Enjoyed by over 8 million people. The original and best Thriller wedding dance.

4) Thriller Dance on the tube

I am guessing these are dance students? Anything that rouses bored Londoners on the tube out of their own world has got to be pretty amazing. (Please let this happen on my way to work tomorrow.) They also tried this in in Chinatown which did not work so well, but is still worth a view.

5) Now it's your turn to do Thriller

You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a price, and watch a lot of rubbish on Video Jug to find some gems. This 1983 video of how to do the Thriller dance is one of those gems. Can you imagine if 'Dancing Kim' was your girlfriend?

6) Children do Thriller

Ok I am a big softie, I could not choose between them. The "fat kid", who is not fat, does an awesome version. Napoleon Dynamite, eat your heart out.

7) Pole Dancers Do Thriller

You can't embed this, but watch it here if you want to see some rough looking women doing a poor version of the Thriller dance.

8) Marine does Thriller Dance

A 'unique' version, but he is a marine, so I will forgive him for anything.

9) Star Wars Dance Off

It is SO worth waiting for the Storm Troopers. In fact, I am going to stop writing this up and do that right now.