Toshiba's Matrix-Inspired “Time Sculpture” Ad

 - Nov 20, 2008
References: & gizmodo
Toshiba just released an amazing new advert, ‘Time Sculpture,’ which utilizes the bullet time film technique seen on the movie ‘The Matrix.’ The ‘moving snapshots of time’ process was achieved with an astounding 200 Gigashot camcorders specially rigged to capture some ungodly amount of data--20 tetrabytes--just to get this 1-minute commercial! 

The ad was created using stitched-together looped video images. The whole process was incredibly complicated to set up and execute. Just focusing and aligning the camcorders took three days! Processing the data alone took four weeks. The second video shows the making of "Time Sculpture."

All that effort cost Toshiba $4.7 million, all to promote their upscaling technology for Toshiba TVs, DVDs and laptops.