- Sep 16, 2009
The idea of what comprises a workplace continues to evolve with the advent of the Internet, and tech is increasingly enabling telecommuters to remain productive no matter where they are on the planet. The technology must-haves in this slideshow are selected because they maximize the efforts of those who call hotel rooms, home offices, trailers and conference room floors their ‘office’ and do so without sacrificing space.

Laptops and wireless Internet are two innovations in particular that exemplify how tech can enhance productivity. No longer are worker bees (and their supervisors) solely relegated to places where they can plug in -- so long as there’s a wireless network to which they can connect. And with creations like the SolarNetOne network system, which is a small-footprint Wi-Fi and Ethernet server powered by photovoltaic solar panels, today’s telecommuters don’t even have to plug in to log on from remote locations. Imagine Skyping on the Serengeti!

Even the humble laptop has received some travel-friendly design enhancements that are perfect for telecommuters and those who are always on the go. Nimble netbooks make toting tech around easy on both wallet and shoulders, and with features like Wi-Fi, antibacterial keyboards and solar panels, it’s easy to rationalize adding a netbook to your arsenal as an auxiliary computer for travel.

Even if your telecommuting position doesn’t send you to far-flung locales, a number of miscellaneous tech must-haves can streamline your work wherever you are. From indestructible hard drives that keep your files safer than Fort Knox to inkless handheld printers, these innovations are meant to make staying connected simpler without adding too much clutter to your office area.

From Handheld Wireless Printers to Portable Internet: