The Zypad WR1100 is the Ultimate Functional Geek Fashion

 - Mar 15, 2009
References: parvus & ohgizmo
Trendhunter covered the original, wearable computer (Zypad WL1000 model) back in 2006. The new version (Zypad WR1100) has gotten a bit clunkier, but has gained a few more functions.

The Zypad WR1100 can be viewed in direct sunlight and is water, dust, and shock resistant. It also has "802.11 and Bluetooth/Zigbee interfaces, a GPS receiver, electronic compass, biometric fingerprint sensor, and a tilt and dead reckoning system that detects the position of the user’s arm and sets the system to standby mode when the arm is hanging down beside the body."

Very James Bond!