From Radioactive Body Cleaners to Immune Improving Gadgets

 - Jun 29, 2011
The thought of sniffing in bed or blowing your nose non-stop may have you thinking of winter, but getting sick is something that can happen all year round and thus people are constantly looking for ways to beat a cold.

Many have long pondered about cold remedies, and while some had a lot to do with holistic ingredients and old family traditions, these cures have more to do with technology.

There have been so many technological advancements that not only are there a ton of gadgets that can be used to prevent a cold -- like self-sterilizing plastics or transforming self-cleaning phones -- but there are bunch of cool cold cures to suit everyone's fancy. If you'are feeling under the weather, try checking out these ways to beat a cold and make a quick recovery!

Implications - Businesses who incorporate health-conscious gadgets or sentiments will continue to gain popularity, as many consumer's number one concern is protecting their health.