The Clea Hands Disinfection Device is a Contact-Free Cleanser

 - Jun 10, 2011
References: mukomelov & yankodesign
Whether the soap dispenser in a public restroom has been refilled or not, you rarely feel clean when you leave. The wall-mounted Clea Hands Disinfection Device aims to solve unsanitary scenarios by introducing a sensor-enabled gadget you'll pass by on your way out the door. It almost entirely eliminates the need for a sink, soap, paper towels and hand driers.

The neon light escaping from the inside of the frame may lead you to expect a UV sanitation technology, but this apparatus actually stores an anti-bacterial liquid which it sprays all over your hands as you pass them through the opening. Designer Aleksandr Mukomelov explains that his prototype doesn't just kill germs, but actually endeavors to refresh your palms and fingers entirely. It's rare to leave a communal washroom feeling cleaner, but the Clea Hands Disinfection Device might change that.