The H1N1 Suit Protects Wearers from the Swine Flu Virus

 - Oct 9, 2009
References: news.cnet & newlaunches
Forget the swine flu mask; in this H1N1 suit created by Japanese menswear company Haruyama Trading, you’ll be protected from the virus and look all-business to boot.

Haruyama Trading claims their suit can protect you from the swine flu because it is coated with titanium dioxide (a chemical commonly used in toothpaste and cosmetic), which breaks down in reaction to light and purportedly kills the virus upon contact. Even if it’s washed multiple times, the H1N1 suit will still maintain its protective coating. And at only $580 USD, even if this H1N1 suit’s virus-protection cabapility is doubtful, at least you’ll look sharp!