Upcoming Microsoft Mouse

 - Apr 17, 2008
References: istartedsomething
A recent Microsoft patent application reveals plans for an unconventional wearable mouse. The design of the mouse allows you to wear it on your hand even when you are using the keyboard by switching off the cursor sensor with a smimple hand gesture. The mouse pointing is handled by gyroscopic sensors with an accelerometer and a magnetometer.

"Besides looking pretty cool, the design actually takes into account a lot of practicality which leads me to believe this is something more than a fancy research demo. For example by wearing the device it does not prevent you from doing other tasks such as typing on a keyboard. The cursor movements are activated by a “switch” (110) that can be activated by closing your hands, grasping the device like a joystick, and then turning the yaw and pitch to control the X and Y positions respectively. There are also left (114) and right click (116) buttons which can be pressed by the thumb." (istartedsomething.com)

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