From Eco Bags to Rock Yoga

 - Feb 4, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
Break away from the norm with these 20 awesome indie finds. Indie music, film, fashion and more can all be found right here.

These 20 awesome indie finds don’t need corporate help to be awesome. Some people would rather film their movies on flip cameras and record their band's demo on a cell phone then be oppressed.

Celebrate the independent spirit with these 20 awesome indie finds!

Implications - Subcultures often experience success simply because they are subcultures. The prospect of a counter-mainstream lifestyle appears to consumers looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd. This is what drives the success of cult films, undiscovered artists and all other "indie" or independent innovations.

Essentially, today's consumer is simply looking for a way to boast their individuality, yet still belong to a peer group.