Anna Morosini Captures Minimalist Muses in Their 20s

 - Jun 9, 2009   Updated: May 3 2011
References: flickr
These photographs are described by Urban Outfitters Blog as “beautifully simple and simply beautiful,” and I have to agree. Anna Morosini has a unique ability to capture a moment at the peak of its innocence, unaware of the camera lens invading their personal moment.

Morosini takes photos of various things, namely twenty-somethings who are free-spirited and having fun.

Implications - The indie culture has had a huge pop cultural impact in the world today. With independent music on the rise and hipsters being the subject of various mediums, it's become popular to capture this lifestyle. Just like how grunge made an impact on fashion, the indie culture has made its way to the mass public. Brands and businesses profit from this "subculture" by adding a mainstream twist on what they sell as "indie" products.