'The Swedish Model' Indie Label and Activist Organization

 - Feb 7, 2009
References: theswedishmodel.org
The Swedish Model is an organization of 7 Swedish independent record labels with a common agenda: To restore focus on the music, to invest in the future of music, and to promote a creative and positive music culture. Not only does The Swedish Model put out amazing Swedish music, but they also hold seminars and lectures online discussing the future of the music business.

The labels include:

Adrian Recordings (indie to electro)

Flora & Fauna (various genres since 1999)

Hybris (pop)

I Made This (all genres)

Nomethod Records (indie, pop, electro and post-rock)

Songs I Wish I Had Written (pop)

A TenderVersion Recording (instrumental, alternative and post-rock)

You can buy individual songs or entire albums through the site.