From Diva Lifestyle Shoots to Cannbalistic Viral Campaigns

 - Mar 4, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
These spicy Shakira innovations prove one thing, and one thing only: her hips don't lie. I was wrong to ever doubt Shakira.

Shakira is the hottest woman ever--just putting that out there. Her music is a sirens' song that calls to me in the night. I am powerless to resist the awesomeness of these spicy Shakira innovations. I willingly submit.

Implications - This collection of 15 spicy Shakira innovations will have you marvelling at the pop icon's success. I am not even a very big fan of Shakira and I like the images in this collection; I might even consider going to a Shakira concert now if I had the opportunity. Shakira is without a doubt a legend that will live beyond her time.