From Crowd-Funded Startups to Crowdsourced Skit Scripts

 - Jan 22, 2010
At Trend Hunter, we’re no stranger to awesome crowdsourced business models. With a community of 30,000+ strong that adds our database of over 60,000 microtrends, we know how effective it can be to leverage the knowledge and expertise of the masses.

These crowdsourced business models prove that this phenomenon can work across several industries—not just ours. From crowdsourced activism to consumer-powered charities, social awareness has certainly been kicked up a few notches courtesy of crowdsourcing. The ‘Honor Angus’ McDonald’s campaign demonstrates that even advertising can benefit from the wisdom of the crowds.

The best area for crowdsourcing business models to take hold, however, is in technology. Sites like let users vote on ideas for computers that are actually implemented into the final product. As technophiles of all ages continue to consume the newest gadgets, their insights are a key catalyst to innovation in this area.

Check out the slideshow below for these and more crowdsourced business models. Which of these could you use to crank up your industry?

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