The Instructables Restaurant

 - Aug 30, 2008
References: instructables & springwise
Earlier this week, Arne Hendriks sought to do what no other entrepreneur has done before (at least, memorably): Open an open-source restaurant using only items featured on Instructables. This feat of crowdsourcing (outsourcing to a group rather than a single firm or individual) means that every piece in the restaurant from its paper menu to its chairs, bar glasses, menu items, chairs and tables will be courtesy of the Instructables community.

In this most curious of concept restaurants, Hendriks plans to attribute each piece to its Instructables creator with its original set of instructions. This intense make-it-yourself quality is sure to set the standard for crowdsourcing restaurants.

Ideas and suggestions from the Instructables community have already begun to pour in for this open-source restaurant. According to Springwise, they include "...using graph paper tablecloths to adding a ‘making space,’ as well as thoughts on names for the restaurant and what the wait staff should wear."