Ponoko Lets You Submit Ideas and Others Make It For You

 - Mar 25, 2009
References: ponoko & powazek
Ponoko is a great website for all those creative people with great ideas that want to have them designed and made, and maybe even make money off their clever creations!

Ponoko is the brain child of some very smart New Zealanders. The site lets you either shop and buy creations that others have made, or you can submit your own design with one of their downloadable templates and let Ponoko tell you how much it will cost to turn your creation into reality! And if you are not so savvy with design programs, you can place a post on Ponoko ID and let a designer bid to help you create your brain baby! Not only that, but there is no minimum order requirement, so if you want to sell your newly created gadget, Ponoko will let you set up shop at no cost!

What a clever bunch of New Zealanders! I say, go try it!