ChuckleDumper is a Hotbed of User-Submitted Humor

 - Mar 7, 2009
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Jack McCloy and Brian McGuinness, two guys from Long Island, came up with a scathingly brilliant idea when they designed and developed a web site called ChuckleDumper.

ChuckleDumper is a dynamically updated humor website and a place for humorists, comics and fans to socialize. You will thoroughly enjoy the daily updates, videos, stand-up comedy, and sketches.

This video has taken the Internet by storm. It stars pseudo-representative Gregory White as he apologizes to family, friends and voters for taking up with two teenage runaways in a Washington DC hotel.

He elaborates on his fetishes and weaknesses, as he also apologizes to the makers of a biscuit product that he has abused while performing his unforgivable acts. While much of ChuckleDumper is safe for work, the audio of the video above isn't.