- Jan 27, 2011   Updated: Aug 8 2011
This top list was inspired by the news of Will Ferrell joining the popular show 'The Office.' The hilarious comedian will be on set with the cast of the TV show for four episodes this season.

From hilarious comedianimal videos to enviro-tips from the green team, these featured Will Ferrell finds will definitely get you cracking. With Steve Carell leaving the show, maybe Will Ferrell joining 'The Office' will ease the pain.

Implications - Consumers gravitate towards celebrities because these public figures are evocative of a specific set of pathos that consumers can easily identify and empathize with. Corporations looking to have a similar effect on consumers as these celebrities may consider employing a media figurehead for the company that represents its values, brand, and beliefs.

Inspired by the Announcement of Will Ferrell Joining 'The Office':