From Freaky Celebrity Portraits to Movie-Inspired Fragrances

 - Aug 9, 2013
The ever hilarious Will Ferrell is inarguably a comedy icon. His work on Saturday Night Live and in films like Anchorman, Zoolander and Step Brothers has shook up the comedy world. For that reason, Will Ferrell has been featured in a ton of cheeky viral videos, ad campaigns and fashion lines, his curly-haired head popping up in all pop culture channels.

One of the funniest Will Ferrell creations is a simple t-shirt that can be worn by Ferrell fans to express their love for one of the greatest comedians alive. This t-shirt shows a bespectacled Ferrell staring awkwardly out at the camera, posed as if for a school photo. Written across the photo, in big, white letters, is the word "SWAG." Obviously, Will Ferrell's photo channels the opposite of swag, his awkwardness pervading even the most self-assured passerby. In this way, the Will Ferrel SWAG shirt pretty much describes Ferrell's comedy style. Each of his characters is completely awkward, just like the photo on the t-shirt, but also has a strange arrogance and pompousness, as demonstrated with the shirt's "SWAG" caption.

Another Will Ferrell creation is an ad campaign for a magazine featuring a ton of famous comedians as iconic Disney characters. Ferrell plays the titular Beast from 'Beauty and the Beast,' a nod at his immense height and unruly hair. Ferrell fans can flip through this campaign to see whether he wins Belle over, or whether he scares her off with his penchant for sobbing, singing, and karate.

Each of these Will Ferrell creations is an example of just how obsessed the public is with celebrities. Ferrell is indeed a talented comedian, and these hilarious products each show just how respected his work has become.