From Mormon Musicals to Biblical Painting Recreations

 - May 30, 2011
Controversy sparks change, and these South Park spin-offs demonstrate just how TV's most intellectual potty-mouthed show has influenced the world. From 404 error alert pages to violent LEGO sculptures, South Park definitely serves as inspiration for innovators all around the world.

One interesting thing to note of these South Park spin-offs is that sometimes, it's not the South Park characters that are directly involved in the spin-off, but rather South Park's quirky and distinctive animation style. The fame and popularity of South Park has also allowed creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to pursue other creative ventures such as writing a musical about Mormonism. Still, South Park has managed to permeate people's homes in other different ways, whether it be through fashion apparel or as cute, though impractical Christmas tree ornaments.