Pre-Phillies Parade Fundraising

 - Oct 31, 2008
References: phillyfixmycar.blogspot
If Ted Passon attends today's Phillies parade, he'll have to walk or take public transportation. In the chaotic aftermath that followed the Phillies' World Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, Passon's street-parked car was upended by overzealous fans.

Infuriated, Ted Passon began a Blogspot blog titled 'Philly Fix My Car.' He notes that if all of the people who were celebrating on Broad Street that night--individuals who are likely also celebrating at today's Phillies parade--donated a few dollars to his PayPal account, he'd be able to purchase a new car.

'Philly Fix My Car' is the first crowdsourced fundraising venture we've seen for compensating the victims of public destruction of private property. If every Phillies parade attendee donated a dollar, Passon might be able to buy a better car than the one that was trashed.

Passon has received 47 comments on 'Philly Fix My Car,' some supportive and some skeptical. While it's likely Passon found a way to make it to today's Phillies parade, let's hope it wasn't in his beaten-up car.