The Tony Player

 - Oct 31, 2008
References: tonyplayer & springwise
It was only a matter of time before crowdsourcing hit the dance floor, and Tony Player is at the head of this soul train.

Tony Player utilizes Twones, a program that collects music from, YouTube, iTunes, Muxtape, and other online music sources and organizes them into one central location. When Twones users enter a nightclub, they can activate their Twones playlists to be discoverable. Enter Tony Player, a DJ's best friend.

Tony Play then collects the recently played songs from all of the club's patrons who have activated their Twones playlists. These songs will pop up on the DJ's screen, where he or she can use those songs in their set.

Prior to Tony Play, DJs were selected at least partially based on the kind of music they enjoyed playing. Now any DJ's set can directly reflect the musical tastes of the club's patrons at that moment.