Kickstarter Helps Aspiring Da Vincis Meet Their Mini-Medicis

 - Aug 25, 2009
References: kickstarter & nytimes
Creatives don't always have the cash flow to bring their ideas to fruition; Kickstarter is an online marketplace that essentially lets aspiring Da Vincis find their mini-Medicis by way of microfinancing.

Just as donors help the efforts of museums and other public organizations, Kickstarter users patronize aspiring artists, musicians and inventors--even if all they have to spare are a few bucks for the cause.

Among the artists the New York Times profiles is Earl Scioneaux III, who used Kickstart to finance his first album:

Mr. Scioneaux, who ultimately raised $4,100, offered a range of rewards to his supporters: for a $15 payment, patrons received an advance copy of the album; for $30, they got a personal music lesson as well. A payment of $50 or more got both of those, and a seat at Mr. Scioneaux’s dinner table for a bowl of his homemade gumbo and a chance to listen to some of his studio recordings. “I didn’t expect people to be all over that one,” he said, “but it sold out almost immediately.”