It appears that adorning jewels to almost any product can help add perceived value

Implications - Using gemstones and crystals to adorn objects can make even the most basic items rise drastically in value… and get a lot of media attention! Austrian Swarovski crystals have become an extremely popular method of adding an easy touch of luxury to anything from fashion to electronics.
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Swarovski Cake Jewels
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Swarovski Cake Jewels
Now you can get Swarovski crystals as the accents for your wedding cake. It seems to me that Swarovski crystals are everywhere. On that note, I'm still amazed with the Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach… [More]
Bling Bling Water
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Bling Bling Water
Bling H2O has a limited edition bottle available in two sizes, that are frosted and have genuine Swarovski crystals that spell out the water's name. "Bling H2O is to bottled water what Rolls Royce is to… [More]
Diamond Refrigerator by Gorenje
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Diamond Refrigerator by Gorenje
The “Eye-catcher” from Gorenje is a black refrigerator that features 7000 hand embedded crystals from Swarovski. The appliance is controlled by a touch screen mounted conveniently at eye level. Just… [More]
Crystal Studded Dice
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Crystal Studded Dice
How is it that you are able to gamble hundreds of dollars using cheap 20 cent dice? Barneys New York has the answer with a black dice set that contains Swarovski crustals. $92. [More]
Sip In Style - Marilyn Martini Glass With Swarovski Mole
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Sip In Style
Marilyn Martini Glass With Swarovski Mole
Sip back your martini in style with the collector series Marilyn Monroe glasses. As you place your perfectly painted red lips on the edges of these luxury glasses, your inner diva will no doubt come out.… [More]
Celebrities Design Swarovski Jackets for Charity
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Celebrities Design Swarovski Jackets for Charity
This Fall, Hollywood stars have joined forces with crystal leader Swarovski to design one-of-a-kind denim jackets to benefit SOS Children’s Villages the world’s largest charity for orphaned and abandoned… [More]
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