Getting Personal With DNA

Genetic DNA codes provide the ultimate in exclusivity and individuality

Description - Consumers can now showcase DNA as personal artwork or infuse it into cosmetics such as perfumes. Other innovations allow in-depth analysis of an individual’s genetic makeup including personal DNA scanner and genealogy services that track ancestry.

Implications - People are increasingly enamored by the mystery of genetic code. In a world where exclusivity and individuality is in demand, there is nothing more unique than a person’s DNA.
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Your DNA as Art - DNA GloFrame
V. Hot 8,671 Clicks Pub: Aug 3, 06
Your DNA as Art
DNA GloFrame
What would make better art than your own DNA? That's the theory behind Generate's DNA Gloframe, which lets you permanently display a strand of your own DNA. Price: $900. About the DNA GlowFrame: DNA… [More]
Visualize Your Personality: PersonalDNA
SCORE: 4.2
Hot 5,607 Clicks Pub: Jun 13, 06
Visualize Your Personality: PersonalDNA
There was astronomy, then there was numerology now hits the PersonalDNA where you can take a fairly long personality test to reach your unique personality visualization. In this unique visualization… [More]
DNA Genealogy Service - Send in a DNA Sample to Track Your Ancestry
SCORE: 1.5
Untested 3,319 Clicks Pub: Jun 18, 07
DNA Genealogy Service
Send in a DNA Sample to Track Your Ancestry
Need to fill in some gaps in your family tree? Swipe a cotton swab across the inside of your cheek and send it, along with 200 bucks, to Sorenson Genomics and they will tease out your DNA and look for… [More]
Personal DNA Scanner - The Spartan DX
SCORE: 0.9
Untested 3,607 Clicks Pub: Jun 17, 07
Personal DNA Scanner
The Spartan DX
If you ever find yourself looking for a personal DNA scanner, then you'll be happy to note that an option exists. The Spartan DX is a personal DNA scanner that offers on-demand scanning with a turn around… [More]
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