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Imbibing gets innovative

Implications - How does one get innovative with cocktails? How about garnishing them with thousands of dollars’ worth of diamonds and gem stones? Then there are inventive blends like the Japanese 'mayogarita,' and themed drinks like those from the Stock Market Cocktail Bar, which are named after businesses on the London Stock Exchange. Consumers are constantly searching for unique and memorable experiences in all aspects of their lives. How can your product or industry create such an experience?
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High Class Hangovers - World's Most Expensive Cocktails
SCORE: 6.4
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High Class Hangovers
World's Most Expensive Cocktails
Today’s elite have turned to cocktail mixologists to unwind. It is no longer enough to buy outrageously priced bottles of pink champagne or fine scotches. The world’s most expensive cocktail, according… [More]
Olay Age Defying Cocktail
SCORE: 3.1
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Olay Age Defying Cocktail
Inspired by Olay's new anti-aging line, Definity, which tackles the signs of aging beyond fine lines and wrinkles by addressing even skin tone and luminosity, the Defini-tini is a glowing, luminous cocktail… [More]
Mayo Margaritas - Creamy Japanese Mayogaritas
SCORE: 3.9
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Mayo Margaritas
Creamy Japanese Mayogaritas
If you're ever in suburban Tokyo and you want to try something exotic, pop by the Mayonnaise Kitchen to sip back a "Mayogarita." Maybe I'm just biased by the culture I grew up in, but a mayonaisse margarita… [More]
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