From Disney Character-Shaped Foods to Cartoonish Packed Meals

 - May 8, 2014
Pop culture and culinary creations become one in this curation of the most popular May 2014 lifestyle trends. It appears that people are no longer content with simply eating their food -- they want to be entertained by it as well.

This concept manifests itself in a variety of ways including Disney Character-Shaped Foods, Cartoonish Packed Meals and human portraits made out of pizza. For many consumers, food's purpose goes far beyond satisfying dietary needs and cravings. We also see this reflected in beverage branding with Comic Book Alcoholic Beverages.

Ironically enough, this passion for food is matched with a surplus of health-focused apps and gadgets. From bracelets that track health to photography apps that calculate calories and plant-based sports supplements, businesses are supplying the demand for products and services catering to healthier lifestyles.

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