Under Armour Unveiled its Movement-Conforming Vibrant Sneakers

Under Armour recently released its movement-conforming, vibrant sneakers for the forthcoming season of running.

The "Clutchfit" is a new model coated in a sheath of sturdy plastic, designed to provide support while conforming to the flexible shape of your movements. The new sneaker technology isn't aesthetics, "it's science."

The skin of the shoe looks like a web that encompasses it, but at second glance, it consists of individual cells that have an hour-glass shape. The hinged design is one of several auxetic structures, which is what enables the flexible stretching of the material. When perpendicular force is applied to the hinge, it flattens out and locks up in a rectangular shape, suited to building performance gear.

The sneaker is essentially designed to enhance your performance, and with the new embedded technology, Under Armour promises to do so.