The Mokai Es-Kape Boat Can Be Transported Without a Boat Rack

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: mokai & gizmag
The ES-Kape is an innovatively constructed boat that is designed to be easily portable without the need for trailers or racks. The boat can be disassembled into three pieces that nest snugly inside each other, allowing the boat to easily fit inside a regular SUV.

The ES-Kape boat is 3.4 meters long but can be broken down into a 2 meter cockpit mid-section and two shorter sections for the stern and bow. The stern and bow nest inside the mid-section, making for a wonderfully compact package. Despite the compactness however, the boat is not ultra-light by any means and weighs in at 75 kg, making for a sturdy ride in the water.

Once you arrive at the water, you can assemble the ES-Kape within two minutes without any tools. The boat is fitted with machined anodized aluminum bulkheads that are easily to align and attach and secure.