The Royal Brackla is the Most Exclusive Liquor by Bacardi

With expensive liquors being a favorite among liquor connoisseurs, the 'Royal Brackla' whisky from Bacardi is an item worth having. This single malt Scotch whisky holds a steep price tag of $15,000 per bottle. This makes it one of the most exclusive bottles of whisky around.

With only 100 bottles being made, this Scotch whisky will be gone quickly, but with a 35 year aging process, the contents of each bottle will sit for years and only opened on special occasions. This Scotch whisky commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Royal Brackla Distillery. The lucky few who get their hands on one of these bottles will get a specialty box that comes with a custom bottle stopper. You will feel like royalty as the bottle is built with a crown as the base of the bottle.