- Mar 29, 2015
The top March 2015 art and design trends cover a lot of ground. In terms of architecture, furniture and home design, minimalism is back in a big way. Understated is definitely the route to take if you're looking to redecorate, with special emphasis not only on eco-friendly features, but also a greener aesthetic in general.

Aesthetically speaking, contemporary art and design may be simple, but the functionality has been kicked into high gear. Consumers are seeking out dual or multi-functional products, especially furniture, that not only looks good, but also makes life a lot easier. A great example of this would be the 3-in-1 pet bed by Parisian studio Fabbricabois that doubles as a side table.

Overall, simplicity, functionality and sustainability are the three key players in the top March 2015 art and design trends.

From Homemade Plant Hangers to Contemporary Cottage Escapes: