Katy Smail's Zodiac Act Consists of Cute Illustrations of Star Signs

 - Jan 27, 2015
References: kateryaninc & designtaxi
Katy Smail's vibrant zodiac art features charming drawings of different animals representing each astrological sign wearing flower crowns. The Scottish artist used bright and cheerful colors in her illustrations, giving each zodiac sign a certain whimsy and quaint feel overall.

While some of the illustrations clearly represent the sign (like a lion for leo, crab for cancer, bull for taurus), others take creative liberties. For example, sagittarius is drawn as a horse instead of a centaur or archer. Libra is illustrated as an owl in the zodiac art where as virgo appears to be a peacock or generously plumed bird.

The illustrations indicate a continued interest in astrology as well as a whimsical and enchanting style. These images could easily be used as decorative prints and home decor.