A Zipper-Like Cable Design Prevents the Tangling of Appliance Wires

 - Feb 10, 2015
References: english.nit.net.cn & red-dot.sg
Cable ties and wire hubs help to organize the mess of common cord clutter, yet this interlocking electrical cord does a clever job of curbing its own potential for entanglement. Developed by a team of designers from the Ningbo Institute of Technology at Zhejiang University, the Building Block Wire takes on a zipper-like form so that the entire length can be clasped directly to itself.

An even series of notches and tabs enables the insulating sheath of the cord to slot together into a neat pattern of interconnected bends, working to shorten the line. This toothed section can then be left on the floor, let to dangle behind a desk, or set upon a ledge for tidy cable management. To extend this interlocking electrical cord, just gently tug it apart.