Atelier Pam & Jenny is a Charming Studio in Belguim

 - Feb 20, 2015
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Atelier Pam & Jenny is an idyllic artist's studio located within the client's backyard that sits within the garden, making it appear not unlike a Hobbit house. The remarkable atelier, located in Belgium, was created by l’escaut architectures and will function as a graphic design workshop.

The space appears below eye level given it is half underground and boasts a grass rooftop that acts as a fifth facade. The roof also features skylights and a small courtyard at the entrance, opening up the small rectangular space to offer a feeling of privacy and separate it from the rest of the backyard.

Atelier Pam & Jenny is an example of an innovative design that focuses on user experience and simplicity in order to make the most out of the space the client has to work with.