This Swirling Washbasin Assumes the Organic Shape of a Conch Shell

The vast majority of freestanding bathroom basins take a very similar form, so it's a surprise to see a design like that of the Spiral sink. Dreamed up by Taher Nasiri and Naser Nasiri, this abstract fixture certainly deserved its title as a winner of an A’Design Award.

Rising from the floor, this plumbing unit conceals all of the drains, pipes and valves in its base, whereby the input and the output water both pass. The coiled seashell shape of the Spiral sink begins narrow at the bottom and gradually broadens into a generous pearly basin. What really completes the fantastical form of the fixture is the way the faucet curls out from the iridescent blue carapace. Symbolically, this washbasin represents the mythical serpents that would guard treasure and bring good health.