The Washbowl Gi has a Filled-Out Form Even Without Any Water

 - Jun 3, 2012
Zen style sinks are very popular at the moment, and even though the Washbowl Gi doesn't conform to the typical shape, it embodies the same formal theme. Its beautiful rounded shell features a relatively shallow depression in the top, carving out a mass that otherwise resembles a smooth river stone.

The elegant exterior of the washbasin casts a glossy finish in a deep black. Its pan has been coated in a bright white and warps organically around the base of the faucet. A soft swooping tap in a dark shade complements the set quite well, embodying the silhouette of a leaf sagging under the weight of rainwater.

The Washbowl Gi can be built into a vanity or nestled on top of a matching sleek cylindrical pedestal.