The Washbasin & Urinal Facilitates a Natural Transition of Two Fixtures in One

 - Dec 14, 2012
The act of emptying your bladder should be followed up by a thorough scrubbing of your hands. Evgeniy Guliy's Washbasin & Urinal installs efficiency, convenience and cleanliness within the public bathroom to encourage this practice. Both tasks can be accomplished in this one object, and because of their intelligent integration, the plumbing fixture is actually quite eco-friendly.

Resembling a coiled leaf, the sculptural amenity has a lengthy open slot that extends vertically towards the floor, gradually narrowing. It is through this gap that the user can do his business. Once he's finished, he needs simply use the curled faucet in the top of the toilet to rinse off his hands. Evgeniy Guliy's Washbasin & Urinal innovatively uses the water from the tap to flush the basin clean.