Artist Eva Jospin Creates Dense Forests Out of an Unlikely Material

 - Feb 7, 2015
References: galeriepieceunique & beautifuldecay
There have been some impressive cardboard sculptures to hit the Internet in the past, but this series of dense forests is something else entirely. Cut, layered and glued together in as intricate and detailed a way as possible, they are all different interpretations of The Woods. Each cardboard sculpture is different from the next, some are even three dimensional in an effort to make them even more immersive.

Created by Eva Jospin, the cardboard sculptures all embrace a larger message. She shares, "To look at a forest is an optical experience that challenges the typical laws of perspective in western representation. Facing visually the depth of a forest means to forget the horizon, it means to get lost. And is not the danger of getting lost the only risk tied up to that natural labyrinth that is a forest?"