The Ssangdalri House is Arranged According to Chinese Philosophy

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: archdaily & ifitshipitshere
Rather than setting up a feng sui home practice as an afterthought of design, Hyunjoon Yoo Architects made this Chinese philosophical system integral to the architecture of this house. Historically, buildings used feng shui for orientation, ensuring that homes were harmonious in all aspects. However, feng shui now seems to be a practice for most that only deals with working with what you've already got on the interior.

The house was designed for an older couple who made the transition from living in the city to a relaxed rural area. Even the site of the Ssangdalri House in South Korea was chosen in accordance to how the vistas aligned with the principles of feng shui. In accordance with feng shui, the bedroom faces a valley to the west, while a dining room faces a rock on the north side. Another highlight of the house's design is the traditional yellow dirt heated stone system, which is another throwback to the past.