The Abstract Side Table Features of Leg of Spiderweb Scaffolding

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: & designspotter
There's a very engaging blend of styles occurring in this abstract side table that seem quite contrasting. The BOUW! design studio of Vienna has assembled a standard piece off furniture from rudimentary construction materials; however, a noticeable part of the structure is really very elaborate.

Builders' wood was pieced together roughly to form a stable coffee table with bit of a haphazard appearance. Three of the legs are made from timber two-by-fours, but the third is something very different. Thin and short picks of spruce were meticulously fabricated into a complex trellis of trusses that lacks symmetry. It's this element that renders this item as such an abstract side table, making it a true conversation piece in any room. It's got such an eclectic composition that it would be difficult to integrate it with most common interior styles. Where would you place it?