- Jul 1, 2019
This list of June 2019 retail innovations highlights some of the most unique concepts seen in-stores and online this month, offering a glimpse at what to expect for the summer shopping scene.

The weather is warming up and brands are celebrating with summer-related events and activations that can push products. A prime example of this is Dairy Queen's new summer subscription box, which is enabling consumers to enjoy a variety of family friendly activities, like indoor camping. Meanwhile, the Stack House leveraged a social media-friendly design to attract consumers to the pop-up space, which hopes to empower women through finance.

Aside from pop-ups, physical store fronts are implementing new innovations. An example of this includes New York City's Standard Dose, which serves as a luxury space to purchase CBD, or the design concept for the new Walmart HQ.

From AR Packaging to Summer-Friendly Pop-Ups: