Walmart Opens a Range of Convenience-Focused Veterinary Clinic Locations

 - May 16, 2019
References: walmartpetrx & fastcompany
The conventional veterinary clinic location is a thing of the past as Walmart steps in to claim a share of "the $70 billion-a-year pet industry." Above all, the megastore focuses on an approach that is centered around convenience. This will definitely contribute to the success of the venture.

Recently, Walmart announced that it will be opening 100 veterinary clinic locations in its stores in the next year — this is an addition to the existing 21 it has today. However, while pet owners can treat their furry companion and grocery shop at the same time, Walmart is also releasing a new online pet pharmacy that boasts more than 300 brands. The products in this e-commerce store can be delivered to the doorsteps of consumers and the online venture nods to the frugal market.