The Wooly Mammoth Chicago Houses Some Amusing and Odd Goods

 - May 16, 2019
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The Wooly Mammoth Chicago features an eclectic collection of odd yet amusing goods, spotlighting eclection curation and creations from the past. The location specializes in antique and vintage taxidermy, medical equipment, toys, books, anatomy items, skulls, funerary, art, maps, and much more.

The retail store invites curious customers to explore what it has to offer, with products of the past that initiates question and imagination. Some of its standout and captivating items include 'No one gets out alive' wax masks, which are realistic face masks made from wax and the skull with a pile of vintage keys at the jaw. The Wooly Mammoth Chicago store is a brick and mortar location and celebrates natural history, industrial elements, and scientific practices.