- Jun 16, 2019
The examples in the June 2019 pop culture list show us how social, political and cultural phenomenons can be translated into a viable product, campaign or initiative.

From the ultra-luxurious Palms Casino Resort which invited musicians to record in state-of-the-art studios to the launch of Rihanna's inaugural Fenty clothing collection, the June 2019 pop culture trends have a focus on celebrity initiatives. In addition to luxe experiences and fashion, well-known personalities also deliver impactful PSAs. George Clooney, for example, is the head of an environmental PSA that engages with the topic through humor.

The list also spotlights political influences. One of the more noteworthy products is TRIWA's Trump watch. The concept of the humorous timepiece was made for April Fool's, however, it really captivated consumer attention and the company was obliged to make a limited-edition run of its watch concept.

From Teen Film-Inspired Menus to Luxe Hip-Hop Sneakers: