Toy Story 4 is Promoted In-Store with Engaging Activities

 - May 28, 2019
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The Disney store experience can be catered to reflect new releases and engage audiences prior to films hitting the theaters. Using its brick-and-mortar extension as a setting, the fantastical company seeks to promote its new movie, in collaboration with Pixar -- Toy Story 4.

This particular Disney store experience was conducted in participating outlets nationwide. Families had the chance to enjoy Toy Story-themed events and trivia. From tossing balls to fuel a rocket's engine to interactive video games featuring Woody, Buzz, the Aliens, and others, the event is conducted on a smaller scale but it is sure to deliver a strong impact on attendees.

The Disney store experience also features special in-shop promo deals, free stickers, a paid photo opportunity, and more.

Photo Credits: Disney, Robbie Bulus/ITM