- Jun 8, 2019
The June 2019 social good initiatives cover eco-conscious changes, awareness-increasing campaigns, charitable product launches, and more.

One especially powerful inclusion comes from Gillette, with the razor brand launching a short documentary titled 'First Shave,' which follows a Toronto-based tans advocate after he shaves for the first time since transitioning. The film highlights the importance of inclusion, and aims to redefine outdated ideas of masculinity. In addition, the film works to show consumers that the Gillette brand stands for the message it promotes, aligning it with positivity and acceptance.

Another highlight comes from Fergus Vaux, who designed the Insulata baby wrap to protect newborns with a low birth rate in developing areas, where some resources are scarce. The baby wrap has a thermal-efficient design, and utilizes an ultra-soft bamboo. With these components, the baby wrap supports infants in a safe manner, and prevents them from overheating.

From Charitable Rainbow Totes to Anti-Terror Bench Designs: