- Jul 1, 2019
The June 2019 lifestyle concepts cover a broad variety of ideas that are developed by many different industries, all of which are rooted in creating more convenient approaches to day-to-day activities. The many trends explored this month push boundaries through progressive designs, performance, and overall functionality.

FLOAT is a brand that delivered a special new concept this month and it is a new way of consuming bubble tea. It takes an environmentally friendly approach when constructing the cups, as the process often involves the use of the thick straw. It eliminates that by creating a cup that is separated into two sections -- the inner shell is made from BOA-free Tritan copolyester and the outer shell is made from recycled glass.

Another great lifestyle concept this month is the K9 Chill Collar created by Novel Brands. Just like its namesake, it does exactly that -- provide a simple cooling system for dogs as the warm months are upon us. It regulates their body temperatures to keep them comfortable, constructing the collar with lightweight materials to ensure comfort.

From Eco-Friendly Bubble Tea Cups to Cooling Canine Collars: